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What's coming next

January 21 2014 , Written by RL Published on #Other

Hey, how it's going ?

today, I'm not gonna post anything because I have a few things to do in my latest render but I'll post really soon. I just wanted to keep you inform of what's coming next.

I'll try to post a few drawing if I can get the time ( which is not easy to find, we're kind of really busy^^)

I had to modeled a shoe using curves and textured it using mental ray (this part isn't done yet). I had fun doing it especially because it was my very first project based exclusively on curves. And I know that the next project will be as good as this one, we have to model a car. I choose a Huyndai 'cause they're the best ^^ Can't wait to start this one =)

For my texturing and rendering classe, we're currently doing some displacement and lightning workshop called "The Stump". Of course I went to "forest" (it's actually a park) to shoot some textures. I think I'll give some texture away (4K) when it will be done. I'll keep you inform about that.

Anyway, I'll get back to work. Have a good day. See U soon ;)

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