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December 30 2013 , Written by RL Published on #CG&VFX

Hey, Today, I just wanna show you a render that I had to do for school. the subjet was the teapot, so we had to create a composition using different element related to tea... Modeled in Maya and rendered with mental ray using only procedural textures. Teapot...

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December 20 2013 , Written by RL

hey, I know I didn't really get the time to post anything in November and I apologize for, The idea of free time was quite missing^^ Anyway we had a few interesting work at school and it tooks all my spare time. For now, we have two weeks of vacation...

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What's up ?

October 12 2013 , Written by RL Published on #Other

Hi guys, Today, I'll just keep you inform of what's going on at school. Already 3 weeks since I got back to school. First, I'll say that the quality of the course is exactly what I was expecting and may be better. Every day, we learn new things and pretty...

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Let's get back to school

September 28 2013 , Written by RL Published on #Other

Hi, How it's going ? I finally have my shedule for this year. I must admit that I'm pretty excited to get started. Each year, there is something new, we're gonna experiment some new training about illustration. May be I'll tell you more about that during...

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Fluid Experiment

September 19 2013 , Written by RL Published on #CG&VFX

Hi, I've found few tests that I did a year ago using FumeFX. I didn't even know that I still have it but anyway, let's post it. I'm not using FumeFX anymore because I wanna switch in Maya. I know that Fumefx have been released for Maya and that's really...

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Introducing Myself

September 5 2013 , Written by RL Published on #Other

Hi, First, let me introduce myself, I'm Romain Lavoine, student in a CG and VFX school called esma (école supérieure des métiers artistiques) in France. I finally decided to launch a blog and share my work with you. This isn't my first year at esma, I've...

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