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Posts with #cg&vfx tag

School Assignment - Film set

June 5 2014 , Written by RL Published on #CG&VFX

Hi There, Been a while. Here is my latest assignement for school. This year is now over. It was pretty intense but very interesting. I'll try to be more present in the blog this summer and post WIP more often. By the way, I'm now on CG Society : http://lavoineromain.cgsociety.org/ Film...

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Modeling - Car

March 3 2014 , Written by RL Published on #CG&VFX

Hi Like I told you in my previous post, I had to model a car in Maya for school. Here is the TurnTable. As you can see I choose a Hyundai ix35. Pretty interesting to do according to the fact that we had to use curves to start the modeling process. Just...

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February 11 2014 , Written by RL Published on #CG&VFX

Hi, How is it going ? Here is a quick render that I've done for school. It was basically a modeling workshop where we had to model a shoe using curves in maya. Converse Allstar by RLVFX on deviantART Shoe - Maya from Romain Lavoine on Vimeo.

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January 7 2014 , Written by RL Published on #CG&VFX

Few weeks ago, I told you that I was doing a tricycle for school, so here is the render I had to do in Maya & mental ray (integration in plane) Tricycle by RLVFX on deviantART

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December 30 2013 , Written by RL Published on #CG&VFX

Hey, Today, I just wanna show you a render that I had to do for school. the subjet was the teapot, so we had to create a composition using different element related to tea... Modeled in Maya and rendered with mental ray using only procedural textures. Teapot...

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Fluid Experiment

September 19 2013 , Written by RL Published on #CG&VFX

Hi, I've found few tests that I did a year ago using FumeFX. I didn't even know that I still have it but anyway, let's post it. I'm not using FumeFX anymore because I wanna switch in Maya. I know that Fumefx have been released for Maya and that's really...

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